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01 About

We are the missing puzzle piece in your product’s success story.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Busy Rebel emerges as more than just a consulting and software development agency. We are the strategic ally for visionaries ready to defy norms, the trailblazers reimagining what’s possible.

By intertwining innovation with integrity, we create not just products, but legacies. As champions of progress, we’re building an ecosystem where talent thrives, and ideas transform.

At Busy Rebel, we don’t adapt to the digital world — we shape it. Together, we’re pioneering a journey from challenges to transformative success.

Our Just Cause
Driven by a purpose beyond code, at Busy Rebel, we believe in leveraging technology not just to navigate today's challenges but to sculpt a more connected, equitable, and enriched global tomorrow..

02 core principles


Take ownership. Act with authenticity, trustworthiness, and respect.


Pursue visionary opportunities, unlock product potential and build long-term partnerships for mutual success.


Embrace curiosity, take intelligent risks, simplify and innovate creatively while encouraging others to do the same.

Diversity & Inclusion

Seek out different perspectives, and foster collaborative debates and creativity.

Excellence & Continuous Improvement

Pay attention to details, strive for daily improvement and excellence, and go above and beyond to achieve extraordinary results.


Adapt quickly to changing technologies, markets, and project demands, stay competitive, deliver customer value, and operate efficiently while embracing new ideas and perspectives.

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03 Services

Strategic Product Consulting & Mentorship

Our consulting experts develop efficient and reliable product roadmaps,  sophisticated architectural solutions, and team optimization that allows you to improve processes and development standards.

Advanced Web & Mobile Development

Leverage cutting-edge AI and ML technologies with our comprehensive software development services. Our experts use industry best practices to overcome technical challenges and deliver precise projects on-time and on-budget. Unlock new revenue streams, prioritize strategic objectives, and surpass competition with our comprehensive approach.

MVP & Product Development (Seed to IPO)

Transform your idea into a thriving startup with our team of entrepreneurs who bring decades of successful startup experience. We’ll help you define your product strategy and business model throughout the diamond framework (the best practice of Harvard Business School), challenging critical phases of product establishment such as CVP, GTM, PF, and T&O. Assisting you in creating a positive reinforcement flywheel and maintain innovation waves, while ensuring ethical practices and impactful outcomes that contribute to the betterment of the world and profitability of the venture.

Data Engineering & Solution Architecture

Prepare to scale, as we design and build your cloud infrastructure with our Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google-certified experts. Optimize load distribution, prevent application downtime, reduce service consumption costs, and enhance project security and accessibility. Build big data/real-time infrastructure & craft data orchestrators for your BI & Analytical platforms. Leveraging ML, NLP & OLAP technologies.

AI/ML & Cloud Infrastructure

Access a pool of expert-vetted talents who align with your project type, industry, and technology criteria and seamlessly integrate into your culture and team.

05 What are our processes

Our software development process is built on - industry-standard best practices, ensuring that each project we work on is of the highest quality.

From the initial ideation and requirement-gathering stage to design, development, testing, and deployment, each phase is meticulously planned and executed to deliver exceptional results.

Our team follows established guidelines and methodologies to ensure that our projects meet or exceed the golden standards of the software development industry.

06 our team
Find us on Glassdoor.

At Busy Rebel, we believe that our team is our most valuable asset. Investing in a growth-oriented ecosystem is essential for delivering revolutionary solutions. This approach not only ensures that we're at the forefront of innovation, but also helps us foster a community that attracts top market experts.

Our unique culture of innovation, deeply ingrained in our organization’s DNA, is crafted and loved by our team members and attracts top talent to our business.

Our team is constantly challenged to be their best selves, and together, we strive for excellence, creating a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone can excel.

Glassdoor Rating
At Busy Rebel, as Principal Developer, I thrive in a growth-focused, collaborative environment led by adept leadership, refining skills through diverse clients and flexible arrangements. The dynamic tech emphasis ignites my passion, backed by competitive compensation and performance bonuses, amplifying my sense of purpose in contributing to our collective success
Andrew H.
Principal Software Engineer
Glassdoor Rating
Busy Rebel is an exceptional place to work at. A few moments to outline: Innovative-centric culture, challengeable projects, the company empowers employees to grow through diverse collaboration with experts, and continuously encourages to upskill their game, decent salaries and bonuses.
Alla V.
Product Designer | Co-Founder
Glassdoor Rating
Strategic and detail-oriented approach to every project - valued input from each contributor - top clients from different industries - flexible working hours - no tracking apps, company based on trust.
Ihor K.
Front End Developer
Glassdoor Rating
Busy Rebel offers a supportive and collaborative work environment with experienced leadership, fostering professional growth and development. The diverse client base provides valuable exposure to various industries, while flexible work arrangements ensure a healthy work-life balance. Competitive compensation, performance-based bonuses, and a focus on innovative business strategies make for a rewarding experience.
Grady Andersen
Senior Partnerships Manager
Glassdoor Rating
Innovational approach to every project - valued input from each contributor. Top clients from different industries. Flexible working hours. No tracking apps, company based on trust Busy Rebel is always focused on the development of their employees to reach the most excellent results for them personally and company totally.
Alex K.
Delivery Manager
Glassdoor Rating
Competitive salary, no micro management, flexible communications, paid skill up courses and certifications. Ability to work remotely.
Eugene U.
UX/UI Designer

Join us and be part of a team dedicated to achieving greatness through innovative solutions that surpass industry standards.

07 Why Us?

At Busy Rebel, we're passionate about your success.

Our culture of innovation and dedication to delivering tailored solutions means we approach every project with a personal touch.

We’re transparent and timely, ensuring seamless collaboration as we establish a long-lasting partnership. With a commitment to exceeding expectations, we tackle challenges head-on and empower your business to succeed.

Let’s create something extraordinary together.

From my experience, it is hard to find a team who have both excellent technical and commercial skills. Busy Rebel has never let us down, so we continue to work with them. The most important criteria we have as a team is creating & maintaining high standards; Busy Rebel has this in spades.
Cormac Horan
Product & Strategy Director, Co-Founder at BillWinner, Ireland
I've had the pleasure of working with a few software houses in the past, but none of them compares to the team at Busy Rebel. Their sense of mission and purpose is unparalleled, and their in-house skills are excellent. I always know that I can rely on them to get the job done, and done well, even if we are working remotely.
Fiachra Ó Comhraí
Former VP at Salesforce Inc., CEO at RenewalDiary, Ireland
Busy Rebel provides backend and data engineers to scale the world's #1 student engagement CRM's internal team. The team builds new features and modules, builds data integration pipelines, and maintains the existing product. Extremely happy with the outcome.
Petar Djordjevic
CTO, at Element451, USA
We've been partnering with Busy Rebel for almost 5 years now, and it is an exceptional software development partner. The responsiveness, solid experience, and good communication are impressive. Brilliant!
Torben Berner
Board Member at Destination Sjælland, Denmark
Thanks to the contributions of Busy Rebel, our organization as a massive worldwide distributor has passed all phases of digital transformation, gained a competitive advantage, and somewhere has revolutionized our industry. Busy Rebel is extremely productive digital partner, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the vendor's dedication to success and attention to detail.
Sascha Rosinger
CEO at Machinex Inc., Spain
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